Happy Halloween citizens of Gotham City! We are already in the spooky season so today we bring you 5 (+1) Halloween-themed characters that you can play with in the Batman Miniature Game.


Obviously our most beloved witch had to be in this post. Harley’s costume totally fits her style. The hat reveals her iconic pigtails and the fact that she is flying on her hammer as if it were a broom is the typical funny moment that only she could have come up with.

Harley Bewitched is a free agent so she can go with any BMG crew. Her incredible traits will give you a great advantage in the game so don’t think twice and get her now.

Harley Queen halloween costume


Literally a mixture of bat and human. Man-Bat was created through an experiment where Dr. Kirk Langstrom injected himself with DNA from a bat. He ends up cured of this “disease” thanks to an antidote provided by Batman, but the transformation to Man-Bat upset Langstrom so much that he lost his sanity and had a hard time putting himself back together once he was already “cured” of his transformation.

Man-Bat is a free agent so he is very versatile. He can go with any crew except Batman’s and his skills and abilities add a lot of excitement to a game!

Man-Bat Gotham Knights


Do you know the Solomon Grundy song? “Solomon Grundy, born on a Monday, christened on Tuesday, married on Wednesday, took ill on Thursday, grew worse on Friday, died on Saturday, buried on Sunday. That was the end of Solomon Grundy.”

Solomon Grundy is also very versatile. He has some amazing traits perfect for your crew. Except if you have the Batman crew. In that case he will have to pray that your opponent does not have a Solomon Grundy in play.


Writing this article without adding Scarecrow could be considered a crime. One of Batman’s most disturbing and heartless enemies. He calls himself the “Master of Fear” and has gained this name by experimenting on his victims’ phobias until they lose their sanity.

Scarecrow is another free agent that can join all crews except Batman’s. The Dark Knight will not find many allies in this post. If you like a more tricky and strategic type of game. The Scarecrow is your ideal miniature to include in your crew to spread terror in Gotham City.


Not everyone is an enemy of Batsy. The Batman Vampire is set in other worlds. On this occasion they wanted to introduce him to vampire mythology and the result was spectacular. Batman Vampire is dark and menacing like the original Batman, but in a more spooky style.

Batman Vampire is included in the Batman Elseworlds I pack where you can find many different Batmans so that you can choose the one that best suits your crew, but if you are looking for that terrifying touch typical of this time of year, Batman Vampire is undoubtedly the best choice. Get Batman Vampire now!


Special mention to our shape-shifting villain. The way Clayface “disguises” himself from other people can fit right in with the tradition of dressing up on Halloween. Clayface’s criminal life was imitating a villain from a horror movie which has developed over time.

As expected, he is another free agent. His traits are so adaptable that he will be ideal for any type of crew. Except the Batman one (but he can be included in the Batfamily team). Batman doesn’t want villains by his side. You can get Clayface and his new markers in our webstore.

That’s all Gothamites! We hope you’ve found your ideal miniature to add some spooky style to your games. Have a happy Halloween and lots of nightmares!

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