Batman Miniature Game: August Releases!

Finally, the most iconic Back to Gotham miniatures can be purchased separately!

We know you were waiting for it. We’ve received a lot of suggestions about making a release with Back to Gotham miniatures, so we’ve decided to listen to you and create some products that you’re going to love!

These miniatures are divided into 5 different options.

There is a pack for each main character such as the Batman Mcfarlane edition, Harley Quinn, to which we wanted to add her beloved hyenas, or Deadshot.

Batman, Mcfarlane, Back to Gotham, Gotham
Harley Quinn, Back to Gotham, Gotham
Deadshot, Back to Gotham, Gotham

And there are two other packs that include more fantastic miniatures. One pack contains the GCPD agents together with Detective Harvey Bullock and the other one has the awesome Gotham thugs.

GCPD, Police, Gotham, Bullock

Gotham, thugs, Joker

Each pack will have different affiliations, so you can choose the pack that suits you to include it in your favorite crew, or you can get something more versatile like the Gotham thugs, which can be included in almost every BMG crew.

But there is even more exciting news!. In addition to these amazing miniatures, you can also get the new lamppost and sewer figures and the Batman Elseworld I pack!

Gotham, sewers, lampost

The new miniatures designed to replace the tokens used to represent the lampposts and sewers will improve your gaming experience, and help you visualize the actions that you carry out with your characters.

And finally, the Batman Elseworld I pack will include three special editions of Batman. These are: The enigmatic Batman Gaslight, Batman Red Rain, and our famous Batman Death Metal. These three Batmans are finally available again in one amazing box.

Batman, Gotham, special edition

That’s all Bat-Fans. Which pack best suits your crews? The choice is yours. You are the one who is going to create the ideal strategy to finish off your enemies, so think about the pack that best suits your plans and defeat your rivals with these incredible miniatures!

knight models

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