The Gotham Kings have arrived! As you know, this year is the 10th anniversary of Batman Miniature Game and to celebrate it we have been revealing surprises throughout the year. This time we have a special surprise that will be available only during this Black Friday: The Gotham Kings!

The Gotham Kings have arrived to the Batman Miniature Game!

Now you can get the most iconic characters from the Batman universe with this amazing custom design. These exclusive miniatures are a limited edition of some of the main characters from the Batman universe. The miniature has a 60mm base and can be used as Skins for all the miniatures of that character.

The Gotham Kings have a completely custom design and great detail. Take a look at each of them so you can see how these incredible characters claim their leadership in Gotham City.


“I’m the goddamn Batman.”

The hero of Gotham City! Batman could not be missing from this collection. His presence in Gotham City has earned him great allies and countless enemies who want to end his authority figure.


“If I weren’t insane: I couldn’t be so brilliant!”

Did you hear that laugh? The clown prince of crime now becomes king! The eternal annoyance of Batman. The one who has created chaos in Gotham city many times, claims his place as Gotham King!


“The world is my prison. I will rule it or die.”

Bane is the perfect Gotham King. He is intelligent, a great leader and best of all, he has great strength to impose his ideals! He previously gave a big speech to the citizens of Gotham explaining his plans, now he finally has the opportunity to turn Gotham City into everything he believes in, destroying those who act wrong along the way.


“I flipped for it.”

Flip a coin! Two-Face has a huge advantage, he always has his justice on his side! He considers himself the law so he doesn’t expect to impose his ideals and impart random justice on those who break his law.


“And still the nattiest criminal genius Gotham’s ever feared! Ah, vanity, thy name is Cobblepot!”

One of the great leaders of the suburbs of Gotham City. If you need a “favor”, whatever side you are on, the penguin is the best option. If anyone deserves to be the Gotham King because of his long list of contacts, it’s him!


“What am I?”

Riddle me this! Who knows the new Gotham King who gives us clues about his crimes and is one of the biggest problems of the GCPD and Batman himself? The Riddler has always felt smarter than the leaders of Gotham City and has finally decided to reclaim the throne he wanted so badly.


“Let’s begin.”

The mafia has appeared! Falcone is one of the most powerful characters in Gotham City. He acts in the shadows controlling the streets. Besides, he has infiltrators in the police and even deals with the leaders of the city. Behind his reign there is corruption, delinquency and crimes that Batman will have to stop if he does not want to see the Gotham city controlled by Falcone.


“”Freeze” is the operative word!”

Put on your jacket, the ice king has arrived! Mr. Freeze is cold as ice. His inventions and his allies will help him turn Gotham City into a cold and devastating kingdom.

Remeber, the exclusive Gotham Kings miniatures (available only until 11/29/2022) serve as skins for the most iconic crew leaders of Batman Miniature Game.

Make a difference in all your games and get your hands on these exclusive miniatures availabe while stocks last.

They are the Kings of Gotham City. What are you waiting for to become one of them?

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