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Alfred Pennyworth, synonymous with loyalty to the Wayne family. He has remained loyal throughout his master Bruce’s career as the dark knight helping the Batfamily.

Created by Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson, Alfred Pennyworth was first introduced in the Batman comics in 1943 (although his first appearance was in the events of Detective Comics #16).

Sometimes a counselor, sometimes a protector, sometimes simply a houseworker and sometimes a fundamental part of the strategies and adventures of the Dark Knight, this beloved butler with salt-and-pepper hair, glasses and a British accent is one of the most important people in Bruce Wayne’s life after the murder of his parents.

Alfred is indispensable to Batman, not only because he keeps the mansion and the Bat-cave in order, but also because he is considered a great advisor and close friend. It could be said that he is the moral anchor of Bruce Wayne and his savior in certain aspects because he helps to relieve his emotional burden, heals his wounds and helps him prevent other people from realizing his secret identity.

Such is the importance of Alfred to Bruce Wayne that he has come to be called “Batman’s Batman”. The butler knows Bruce better than anyone, and is a key player in his undercover work as Batman, helping him with strategy and tracking his plans.


In his first appearances in the comics Alfred was a fat and clumsy detective. Batman and Robin gave him clues so that the criminals he caught would be punished. They then took him on as a butler when he discovered his identities. At first, they did not agree with this idea, but after proving that he had more abilities than he initially seemed, they agreed and let him stay with them at Wayne Manor.

Alfred Pennyworth first appearance

This story completely changed in 1944. In Detective comics #83 they gave Alfred a radical transformation to bring him closer to the butler idea they had in mind. Over time they have been adding those details that they thought were appropriate, but the version of Alfred that we all know is that of the character exposed in post-crisis.

The story of a retired agent who followed his dying father’s wishes to carry on the tradition of serving the Wayne family. In these comics Alfred discovers the secret identity of his master upon hearing the sounds of an injured Batman coming from the old Grandfather Clock in the house (entrance to the Bat-cave).

batman's butler

His origins were also modified. This adaptation tells that before the war Alfred was a classic British actor who eventually became an ethics and special operations management executive with connections within the intelligence service.

In part Alfred Pennyworth is very important in helping Batman because he is so versatile. He knows about martial arts, programming, and mechanical engineering. Furthermore, he is versed in fencing, has medical knowledge, and, thanks to his previous work, is a great strategist.

batman's butler first appearance


· Alfred has come to replace Batman. This happened in a recent edition of Batman: Rebirth. When Henry Clover, Jr., a hero turned villain, was about to cause trouble in Gotham city. To distract him, Bruce convinces Alfred to wear the Bat’s uniform through the streets.

· In Detective Comics #328 (1968) Alfred was killed and later revived by a scientist, but as a villain. Created to destroy Batman, he fought against him on several occasions, until he managed to return him to normal.

· He has a daughter Julia Remarque. Her mother is Mademoiselle Marie, Alfred’s partner during World War II.

· In Batman #39 (2015), Alfred loses his hand to the “hands” of Joker.

Joker and Alfred

Also, he is an extremely popular character with the audience and the DC characters. Over the years, several superheroes have openly shown admiration for Alfred, including: Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern. Although, everyone knows that his biggest admirer is Bruce Wayne himself, who considers him one of the most important people in his life and a faithful friend who will always be there for him.

Alfred Pennyworth, miniature, statue

That’s all, Bat-Fans. We hope you enjoyed the story of Alfred Pennyworth. Remember that the incredible Alfred miniature is now available in our webstore so you can add him to your crew and help Batman in his mission to eradicate crime and corruption from Gotham City.

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