Bird joins Batman Miniature Game to help Bane but he doesn’t come alone. Discover Bird’s relationship with Bane and his game mechanics.


Bird gets his name because of his great affinity with birds. His first appearance was in Vengeance of Bane #1 (1992), and he really isn’t your average villain. Bird has a wealth of knowledge about Gotham’s criminal underworld and its vigilante, Batman.

When he is imprisoned in the Santa Prisca prison, he meets Bane, with whom he develops a great friendship.

During his time in prison he teaches Bane what the outside world is like. Above all, he focuses on the underground of Gotham city. The dirty works and the corruption that is in the streets and how Batman is the defender of the city.

This information helps Bane to have a strange vision of Gotham City and his interest in the city begins to grow.

Bird, for his part, sends his falcon to collect information about the state of Gotham City to obtain useful information that can be of use to him in the future.

At a certain point, Bird and Bane manage to escape from prison and together they go to Gotham City to achieve their goals now as allies. Bird has shown great loyalty to Bane and has joined Bane’s militia to help him achieve his goals.

Although Bird does not have extraordinary physical abilities, his knowledge of the criminal environment and his affinity for birds make him an extraordinary ally.


Bird is the sidekick of this crew and for 58 reputation points perfectly accompanies Vengeance. He is an elite shooter and is also accompanied by his “Go my little birds” that allow him to make good attacks and also well used can give more mobility to the crew (something very desirable to put the boss quickly to give melee blows).

With 4 attack and 4 defense Bird will give us utility and attack power.

Like Vengeance, Bird has the “Veteran” trait so useful with the rest of the Soldiers of Fortune crew.

And now let’s talk about a couple of very special Henchman that come with Bird.


The Builder is one of the Henchman that comes with Bird and has a really useful ability, with “Moment of Glory” at the beginning of his activation he can make an effort and we can activate him as if we had put an audacity marker on him. He also has his own “Dose” of proteins to have 1 free effort attacking or defending.

Red Bastard is similar to The Builder, as he has “Moment of Glory” although he doesn’t have his protein shake and once per game he can ignore a rule that makes him a target. Yes. Any Rule.

Thanks to these additions, the Soldiers of Fortune have a wider and wider range to choose from to make the perfect crew that fits your way of playing Batman Miniature Game.

If you are a lover of fighting and close combat like us, these new models will give you a lot of fun and victories.

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