Bao Pham is an anti-hero in Gotham City and has only one thing on his mind, to kill the Joker

and all those who support his cause. He is Clownhunter, Gotham City vigilante obsessed with killing Joker and his followers.


The Clownhunter’s first appearance was in Batman #96, but they explained the story of him in later issues. He is Bao Pham, a quiet and slightly strange teenager who lives in the surroundings of Gotham City with his parents. His life is quite normal, a boy who grew up happily muttering jokes to himself, who lives admiring Gotham’s vigilante: Batman and helping his parents in his Vietnamese restaurant.

Life was simple until one day the Joker and Harley Quinn walk into the restaurant looking for a food from Quinn’s childhood, Pho soup. Joker closes the restaurant and forces dinner to be made for them. Pham’s parents obey and when they are going to tell them that don’t worry about the price: it’s on the house, Joker offers them an advice: Don’t breathe. Before releasing his Joker venom and killing them. Pham sees it all, but instead of dying with his parents, he was saved by Batman.

It is not at that moment that he becomes a Clownhunter. Pham’s desire for revenge is mitigated by Batman, who seeing himself reflected in the boy, decides to talk to him so that he does not react to provocation. In his talk, he promised him that he would catch the Joker and gave him a Batarang before leaving. With this talk Pham seemed calmer. He had always admired Batman and the vigilante had methods grewith which to catch Joker. Trusting him was easy, but there was a problem, time passed and the Joker was never caught.

His followers and his crimes increased with time. He couldn’t be safe anywhere anymore. With this in mind Pham’s anger grew and he made up his mind. He would become a vigilante and protect his neighborhood from the Joker’s followers and hopefully end up meeting him one day to get the revenge he deserved.

At that time Pham became a Clownhunter. He included the Batarang in a bat and began to dispense justice in a violent and cruel manner. Methods that Batman would not approve of.

This could have stopped him before but now he was determined to go all the way. His faith in Batman had fallen and he must kill these thugs to take down Joker once and for all.

At Batman Miniature Game we wanted to represent Clownhunter in this way and make your enemy tremble if he is using a Joker Crew.


Bao Pham is a Henchman with a low cost in Reputation, 23 points, but he comes with some surprises that make him very useful for that low cost (besides having a modeling that we love). It comes in a 40mm base and its movement is 10″.



ATT: 3

DEF: 3



Clownhunter has a good weapon, his Bat-Bat, does Stun+Blood, has Handy to repeat failed attack rolls and Heavy to add +1 to the strength die roll (Not bad for a 23-point model right?).

And to round off, this characteristic weapon has a Bleed: 2, if you get a critical with this, this weapon will kill. A set of skills not very long, but certainly useful.

We start with Devastating Blow. We had already seen this trait before, if we activate it, we will have a +1 in the strength die roll, and remember that Bat-Bat already had a +1 thanks to the “Heavy” so in general we would go with a +2 to the strength roll.

Let’s not forget that half of its name is “Hunter” so we have given it the Hunter trait. If we attack a model that is already activated, we can do an extra special action before or after attacking such as Devastating Blow.

Doing two special actions will be very useful since this angry young man also has Goad. With Goad, we can approach an enemy model to leave it within reach of Clownhunter, and if this model was already activated, thanks to Hunter we can also use Devastating Blow against it.

And you may be wondering: “This is all well and good, but will my Clownhunter make it to the melee?” So you don’t have to worry, because it also has Undercover, and we can deploy it 8″ away from the deployment zone, positioning it well from the first turn.

Finally Clownhunter comes with a new ability designed to represent the deep hatred he feels towards the murderers of his parents. This new ability is called “Antagonist” and must always be accompanied by a number and a name, in this case Clownhunter has Antagonist 2-Trickster. Models with Antagonist gain as many extra dice as the number indicates in attack and defense when targeting or being targeted by an enemy model that has the trait indicated by the name in Antagonist (In this case, Clownhunter will roll 2 extra dice in attack and defense against all Tricksters, clowns tremble).

In short, Clownhunter is a Henchman with a good attacking capacity for the points it costs.

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