What killed the dinosaurs?! The Ice Age!

Mr. Freeze is Dr. Victor Fries. An amazing scientist who became a villain when his wife Nora fell ill and began searching for a cure for her disease. He can freeze everything and uses this weapon to finish off those who get in his way.

Mr. Freeze in his 1997 version arrives at Batman Miniature Game. Will this Crew leader go unnoticed or will he leave us all cold? Let’s take a look at his profile and find out how he can help you win games alongside his cool minions.


Mr. Freeze maintains the stats of his version (Cryo-Armor): 90 reputation points.

Willpower: 8

Endurance: 7

Attack: 3

Defense: 3

Strength: 3+

Movement: 8

Here we can see changes, Mr. Freeze 1997 has a Melee and a ranged weapon in his arsenal.

Frozen Gloves: Reinforced gloves capable of inflicting two contusions per hit, that apply Cold and also, thanks to the enormous strength of Mr. Freeze, they do Push (4). These gloves are a Cryo-Weapon, so if they manage to hit an enemy, another enemy model within 2″ will receive a hit from this weapon and a nearby suspect will freeze.

Cryo-Laser: The ranged weapon we saw Mr. Freeze use in the movie, a weapon capable of freezing Batman, Robin, or any opponent that gets within range. This Cryo-Laser has Medium Range, High Caliber, Beam and Brutal, its critical die will always be the last to be removed, hits with 2+ and critically hits with 5+. Additionally, this weapon has Crit. Freeze (which, remember, applies with a 5+) and the already classic in Mr. Freeze’s crew “Cold”.

Mr. Freeze 1997 has many traits, some known and some new. To give you an overall idea of how this character works, we will start with the traits that already existed before.

Cold Acclimation: Keyword that allows the members of this crew to profit in some situations.

Scientist: Victor Fries is a renowned scientist, so he can perform two special actions per turn.

Good Aim (Special Action): By spending one of his two special actions, Mr. Freeze can make one of his ranged attack dice hit with 2+, with this ability even people immune to critical hits (like a Batt Armor user) are not safe from the Cryo-Laser.

Cryo-Armor (2): An icy armor that makes Mr. Freeze a very tough guy.

Desensitized: Since he fell into the tank at temperatures below 0 his resistance to pain increased.

Ice Flash (Special Action): By spending a special action, he can use his Ice Flash on an enemy at 10″ which will freeze the enemy or if he is lucky and manages to resist it, it will reduce his defense and movement until the end of the turn.

Large: Let’s not forget who played the character in the movie, this Mr. Freeze is a really big guy.

True Love (Nora Fries): Victor Fries had the accident that turned him into Mr. Freeze looking for a cure for his beloved Nora.

Vulnerability to Fire: Since the accident Mr. Freeze needs to keep his body at very low temperatures, heat is especially harmful to him.

In addition to these many traits, Mr. Freeze 1997 has two new abilities:

Ice Age (Special Action): Once per game we can activate this special ability. Ice Age allows us to look for Mr. Freeze’s own objective card “Searching for Nora” in the objective deck, or if we prefer instead of looking for the card we can move our allies near Mr. Freeze or a frozen suspect 4″.

Freeze Well: This new passive ability allows us once per round to force an enemy we hit with our Cryo-Laser to place a suspicion and freeze it. This ability is quite easy to make it work, since the Cryo-Laser goes to 2+ to hit with the force die and thanks to Good Aim we can make one of the normal dice also hit at 2+. No more of those lists that did not play with suspects, Mr. Freeze 1997 will cause his enemies to place suspicions with his Laser.

Mr. Freeze 1997 is likely to become a very playable leader, his skill set makes it easy to score many target cards, such as “Endless Winter”, “Kingdom of Ice”, “Searching for Nora” or “Harsh Conditions”. So if you want to give a fresh touch to your games, this miniature is for you!

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