In the DC Universe, few characters are as divisive as Red Hood. He’s not a traditional hero, nor is he a villain. Instead, he occupies a gray area, using his skills and his willingness to break the rules to fight crime in his own way. And, whether you love him or hate him, there’s no denying that he’s one of the most interesting characters in the DC universe.


Red Hood is an anti-hero with a traumatic past that he can’t get over. The Red Hood’s first appearance was in Detective Comics #168 (1951). Although he previously had another identity.

Now, under the hood is Jason Todd, the second Robin. Jason Todd’s first encounter with Batman happened while Jason was stealing the wheels off the Batmobile.

At Wayne Manor, Batman trains him to be his second Robin, and the boy gains some impressive fighting skills. He helps Batman with his job of keeping order in Gotham City but his past haunts him and he needs answers, which is why he goes in search of his birth mother. Batman goes looking for him fearing something bad will happen to him, but when he arrives it’s too late, Todd had died at the hands of the Joker.

Later, he is revived by Ra’s al Ghul in the Lazarus Pit, at which point he takes on the name Red Hood. The Robin we all knew hasn’t come back to life, who has been reborn is an anti-hero, armed with two pistols and with his characteristic Red Hood helmet, looking for revenge against Joker and Batman.

Red Hood began to be known for being a stranger who cleaned the streets of Gotham city with methods that Bruce Wayne would not approve of. His search for the Joker paid off and he left him near death after hitting him with a metal bar. The same method the Joker used to kill him. Joker came to mock him during this by reminding Todd of the last words he said to him before he died: I’ll be your Robin.

During his career as Red Hood, he has fought against Batman and with other superheroes like the Outlaws on several occasions, although there have been occasions where he has become part of the Batfamily especially because of his understanding with Nightwing.

The thought of Red Hood is one of the things that torments Batman the most because he believes that everything that happened to Todd was his fault, but now he can’t do anything to remedy it. Red Hood has made a name for himself and will fight crime with his bloodthirsty methods.


The model we present you today is from a slightly later era in which they put effort into making Jason Todd more socially connected, his costume looks more like a traditional superhero, although his methods are still violent and he leaves behind a calling card which states “let the punishment fit the crime”.

For the design of Red Hood at Batman Miniature Game we have tried to represent his temperament and violent methods, a character whose pulse does not tremble if he has to shoot villains or beat them up with his bare hands.

To start the weapons, Red Hood has two light guns, one equipped with anti-tank bullets to pierce armor and the other custom accurate and able to shoot faster.

He also comes equipped with reinforced gloves for that double stun in close combat and a very versatile armor of his own, the Red Hood Armor, which reduces all incoming damage by 1 and also if you are attacked in close combat after the attack is resolved you can stun yourself to put 2 stuns on whoever attacked you.

Red Hood has a few skills that will allow him to be a fundamental piece in any crew that recruits him. For example he has the rework “Instinctive Shooting” trait which, by activating this special ability, Red Hood will immediately move 4″ and then will be able to make an extra ranged attack that will ignore the modifier for having moved.

Also Red Hood has the “Vengeance” trait (at the start of the game choose who Red Hood’s personal enemy is, all damage Red Hood does to that enemy will be converted to blood damage, plus “Dirty Job” objective cards score an extra victory point) which in combination with the “Troublemaker” trait (a new special that when activated will allow you to search your objective deck for one of the “Violence” type cards and place it in your hand) makes a perfect combo to outscore your opponent.

To round off this authentic street fighter he has traits like “Acrobat”, “Martial Artist” and “Handyman”.

Red Hood also comes in a really awesome model that will look great in any band. What are you waiting for to kick ass with Red Hood?

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