The Bat-family is made up of a group of superheroes who act in Gotham City. They all have a strong bond with Batman and help each other achieve their goals. They are like a group of lost souls who finally become a family of kindred spirits. Even for Bruce Wayne himself, who is the nexus of the group, the members of the Bat-family are his allies and close friends.

As their name suggests, they are like a family, but Bat-family means so much more. After all, they are different people who have their own past and traumas to deal with. However, the fact of choosing the rest as their family and collaborating with them for a better future makes them have that special relationship that only the term Bat-family can include.

As we have already said, the members of the Bat-family are very diverse and are usually quite independent from the rest.


Dick Grayson was the first Robin that Batman had and leader of the Teen Titans. He later decided to become Nightwing to have his own independence away from Batman, but even with his identity change he continued to lead the Teen Titans.

He has a tragic past, Dick was the youngest of a family of acrobats known as the “Flying Graysons”, One day he saw how a mob boss named Tony Zucco killed his parents to extort money from the circus in which they worked. After seeing his deaths, Bruce Wayne took him in as his legal ward and eventually as his partner, Robin.

Bruce and Dick got along very well and had very good years together, but as Dick grew older he found a new identity further away from that of Batman, that’s when he became Nightwing. Despite his new identity, Dick remained in contact with Batman and even temporarily replaced him. Over the years, Dick’s new identity, Nightwing, has earned the respect of many people and has been considered the best assistant of all time, making him an essential member of the Bat-family.

Nightwing Gotham


Barbara is Commissioner Gordon’s daughter and seemingly nothing out of the ordinary for any citizen of Gotham, but what the people don’t know is that Barbara is a librarian by day and Batgirl by night. She disguised herself as Batman for a costume party and intervened in Bruce Wayne’s attempted kidnapping, causing him to take notice of her and eventually helping her to start her career against crime.

At that point, she began cooperating with Batman and Robin, making her a member of the Bat-family.

Batgirl Barbar Gordon


Jason Todd was the second Robin, replacing Dick Grayson. Jason had a terrible childhood so when Bruce found him stealing the wheels from his Batmobile he was surprised by his ability and ended up adopting him and turning him into Robin. At that moment Jason began to reconcile his secret life with high school. Everything was going well until Jason learned a family secret. Who he thought was his mother was not actually his birth mother so he left Gotham City to go looking for her in at story with a fatal outcome…

Batman always blamed himself for the death of Jason Todd and to him he was always a much-loved member of the family but, years later, Jason returned under the name of Red Hood.

Red Hood Gotham


Tim Drake became the third Robin after Jason Todd’s unfortunate end. Since he was young Drake had great abilities. It was thanks to this that he soon discovered the identities of Batman and Robin. From that moment he began to be interested in his exploits. He was like that for a while until Jason Todd died and Batman spiraled into darkness due to the guilt he felt. It was at that moment that he decided to start training to be the next Robin and thus become another prominent member of the Bat-family.

Red Robin

These are some members of the Bat-family that we wanted to highlight on this occasion. Stay tuned to our social networks to find out about next members of the Bat-family.

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