The Penguin as the Mayor? Who would think it’s a good idea to put Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot as Mayor of Gotham?

With webbed flipper-like fingers, hooked beak-like nose and penguin-like body, Oswald was raised by penguins at the zoo after being abandoned by his parents as a baby. When he reappears years later, with the help of corrupt businessman Max Shreck and the Red Triangle gang, he runs for mayor while secretly plotting to kill all of Gotham’s first-born children as revenge against his parents.

The Penguin’S (Batman Returns) GAME MECHANICS

A criminal mind inside a small deformed body. In this film, The Penguin shows us some of the craziest uses of his umbrella. Using it as a flamethrower and as a machine gun.

For the Batman Miniature Game, we wanted to provide the Penguin with these weapons without forgetting his political side.

This character will keep many of the Penguin’s typical Batman Miniature Game abilities such as Charismatic, Handyman, Small and Underworld King, but will also have a couple of new traits that may make this Penguin one of the best choices as the leader of your crew Mayor Cobblepot and Undercover Penguins.

Would you like to know what these new traits will do? You won’t have to eat raw fish to find out, we’ll tell you about it below.

Mayor Cobblepot

Thanks to the funds he has raised for his campaign, this deal allows us to start the game with 2 Business Counters and we can also use them to pay for bodyguards who want to attack our beloved mayor. A kind of “Protect me” paid with money of not very legal origin.

Additionally, thanks to this trait, “The Long Game” objective cards will give us an extra victory point when we score them.

Undercover Penguins

What would a Penguin crew leader be without being able to manage and give orders to his penguins?

Undercover Penguins is possibly the best trait to give orders and manage your crew’s penguins on Batman Miniature Game.

If your crew contains a model with this trait, you can deploy your penguins within 4″ of the sewer markers and you can infiltrate your opponent’s deployment zone with ease.

In addition, it will no longer be necessary to remove suspect markers to take out your penguins, just by placing them you can spawn them near a sewer marker (by not removing the suspect marker it will be easier to score “The Long Game” that comes upgraded with Major Cobblepot).

And if that wasn’t enough, once per round one of your penguins will be able to do a free action in the activation of this model.

The Penguin (Batman Returns) is one of the most versatile we have in Batman Miniature Game, giving us ease of scoring cards and with more victory points at the same reputation cost as the older versions.

There is one more thing that makes this Penguin special that we can’t tell you yet, but we can give you a hint. Do you remember who the Penguin was interested in the movie?


  • In Batman Returns, the 1992 film directed by Tim Burton, Danny DeVito gives life to this peculiar character. In all the scenes where The Penguin comes out eating raw fish, DeVito was actually eating raw fish in bites.

The Penguin (Batman Returns) arrives at Batman Miniature Game to make things very difficult for Batman. In a few days you can find it in our online store, do not miss the opportunity to launch a few penguins to attack against your enemies.

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