A look to Batman

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“Deep down, Clark’s essentially a good person…. And deep down, I’m not”

Batman has returned to Gotham angrier than ever and with a large arsenal of new tactics and skills with which to eradicate crime from his city.

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The first thing you’ll notice about Batman (Multiverse) is his stats. He is at the absolute top end of Bat-Stats, displaying some of the highest numbers among all iterations of the character. His Movement of 3 makes him one of the faster Batmen out there, and Attack and Defense 5 makes him extremely solid both at offense and defense. His remarkable Endurance of 9 keeps him in the fight for a long time and makes him the toughest Bruce Wayne so far! As if that wasn’t enough, he also comes with Batarmor Mk1 which grants him a 5+ save, Martial Artist, and he has access to a ton of great equipment.
You won’t be surprised to see the traditional Batcape and Batclaw duo on this tandem, making him both fast and versatile. In addition, he comes with one of the best melee traits in the game: Close Combat Master, which allows him to reroll his rolls to hit in hand-to-hand combat. In addition to these classic traits he has a few new ones that we will now take a look at.
I’m Batman allows Batman to deploy anywhere on the table where his base fits. And that’s not all; He does so after every single other model has deployed, giving his owner an incredible advantage. What’s more, every model within 2” need to pass an Endurance roll or become Knocked Down! This can potentially set Batman up for a great first round of fighting! Finally, thanks to this trait Batman may choose to reroll failed damage rolls once per game.
Another new trait is Cloak of Bats. Enemy models will only be able to see him if they are in base contact or if they have traits that aid detection, such as Night Vision or Total Vision. Not even lampposts will illuminate this Batman! The other effect of this trait is that all models that go into base contact with him or vice versa will suffer the Scared effect unless they pass a Willpower roll, making it even harder to resist Batman’s attacks.
Before the game starts you need to consider what equipment you will buy for Batman. One good combo is Kevlar Cowl and Upgraded Batsuit, which both reinforce his survivability. This turns him into a real Bat-Tank! Consider selecting the Early Bird strategy to make sure you get the first activation. This allows Batman to perform an alpha strike before using his Batclaw to get to safety.
Ideal first targets for this Batman are shooters and low-Endurance support models. This helps the rest of your crew get across the board and gives them someone to Arrest. Once your enemy’s ranks have been decimated and the rest of your crew has managed to catch up, you can throw Batman at the strongest enemy models and use I’m Batman to reroll damage rolls against them. The I Am The Night strategy to help get Bruce out of danger or into a more favorable combat.

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