Blue Beetle & Booster Gold

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Blue Beetle & Booster Gold

Blue Beetle is the legacy name of several super-heroes with different abilities and making its debut, the character appeared in a number of American comic books since 1939. The first Blue Beetle was Dan Garrett, an archaeology professor who finds a mystical scarab on a dig in Egypt, which then gives him powers. DC Comics acquired the Charlton heroes in the 1983 and used the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event to integrate them all into the DC Universe. The succeeding Blue Beetle was produced by Charlton and later by DC Comics, known as Ted Kord.


Ted Kord is the second Blue Beetle, originally created by Charlton Comics and later picked up by DC Comics. Ted was an electronic genius who had inherited a vast family fortune. Jarvis Kord his uncle, like Ted, was a great inventor, and his specialty was robotics. With his dying breath, Dan Garrett asked Ted to carry on in his name. Ted promised to take up the mantle of the Blue Beetle just a cave-in buried Dan Garret, and with him, the mystic scarab. When he was unable to activate the Blue Beetle Scarab he turned to science and martial arts instead. He is one of the smartest men in the DC Universe he puts his inventions to public use through Kord Enterprises. He and Booster Gold are one of DC’s most iconic duos of all time.

Comic History

Ted Kord is portrayed as an entrepreneur, the owner of KORD Industries; Which he took over from his father Thomas Kord. He later transformed it from a small R & D company to a scientific industry rivaling S.T.A.R. Labs. Wayne Enterprises later took over KORD Industries on subsidiary headed by Bruce Wayne. Blue Beetle plays a key role in Justice League vs. Teen Titans, as a member of the Teen Titans. He is a close friend of Beast Boy and helps in fending off Trigon’s demonic emissaries from Hell. In the course of the “Death of Superman” saga, the Blue Beetle and the other JLA members tried to stop Doomsday’s path of demolition. Doomsday displayed his near-invulnerability and, while viciously defeating the League, put the Blue Beetle into a coma. Upon recovery, he continued his contract with the JLA as well as its offshoot, Extreme Justice.

Powers And Abilities

Ted Kord never received any superpowers from the scarab, however, he possesses a genius-level intellect and an IQ of 192. He was an expert in numerous sciences such as chemistry, physics, engineering, aircraft, and solar tech, as well as a clear understanding of alien tech. He is also highly skilled in espionage with a genius-level intellect. He is an excellent athlete, acrobat, and hand-to-hand combatant. He Possesses advanced weapons and equipment.

The Beetle and Booster gold duo

Booster Gold A.K.A Michael Jon Carter is from the 25th century. During his duty as a night guard at the Metropolis Space Museum, he used to study about superheroes and villains from the past, specifically from the 20th century. Carter stole devices from the museum displays with the help of a security robot named Skeets,, including a mass of Super-Heroes flight ring and Brainiac 5’s force field belt. He used Rip Hunter’s Time Sphere to travel to the 20th century. He intended on becoming a superhero and forming a corporation based around himself to make a comfortable living.

When an alien comes to Earth on a rampage, Booster coins the name Doomsday for it. While fighting the alien, Booster’s costume is destroyed. Blue Beetle is able to design a new, larger costume to replace it, although this costume often misoperates. Later In a vicious battle with The Devastator, an employer of the Overmaster, Booster is almost killed and loses an arm in the process. Blue Beetle again comes to his aid and helps him design a suit that acts as a life support system as well as retains the powers of Booster’s previous costumes. This suit also comprises of a cybernetic replacement arm.


Ted found out about a transformed Checkmate organization led by Maxwell Lord, with a database comprising information on every metahuman on Earth. He was captured and executed with a single gunshot to the head. Before his last breath, he used the scarab in an attempt to contact Shazam. However, he had no other option but to leave it with the wizard Shazam in the Rock of Eternity when the wizard sent him back to Earth.

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