A look to Crimelord Bat-Box

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The Penguin’s Bat-Box sees the return of an iconic villain crew led by fan favorite Oswald Cobblepot. The Penguin crew stands out as one of the most powerful shooting crews in the game, and is characterized by their ability to make use of their numerical superiority and objective-based tactics.


The Penguin

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Cobblepot provides additional funding to the crew, allowing you to build out your shooting gallery and opening up many options for equipment. As if that wasn’t enough, with the trait Iceberg Lounge you can purchase up to one piece of equipment from any other crew!


With the Mob trait Penguin improves his crew’s Let’s Go rolls, allowing our henchmen to easily activate consecutively and outnumber your enemy. Many of your henchmen have the Mobster trait, meaning they get an extra, free Attack Counter when outnumbering their enemies!


The Penguin comes with two very nice weapons, both based on his iconic umbrella. He has a nice close combat attack for defending himself, but his real offensive power comes in the form of the classic Umbrella Cannon. Not only is it a deadly weapon, it also grants him defensive bonuses versus ranged and close combat attacks!


This model affords his crew tactics centered around objectives thanks to his Underworld King and Dealer traits. The former grants extra VPs when controlling an objective with two or more friendly henchmen, and the latter allows you to consider one nearby enemy henchman friendly for the purpose of controlling objectives. This means you can either control an objective that was previously contested, or prevent your opponent from controlling one of their objectives!


The Duck

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This awesome vehicle is one of the centrepieces in this Bat-Box. It increases the range of the Dealer trait to 8”, and it buffs nearby Penguins and allows them to reload their weapons. But the biggest advantage to the Duck is that you get to place up to 3 Explosive Penguins and improving the damage they do while near the duck! In addition, it increases the Penguin’s Endurance by 5 and grants him Light Armor.


Ricky LeBlanc:

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Ricky “Loose Lips” LeBlanc, Penguin’s lieutenant, brings mobile firepower to the crew thanks to his shotgun, and brings a variety of subtle traits to help you out. Informer grants your crew a pass, which is not something Penguin crews usually gets! Smuggler allows you to buy magazines and radios at half price. These two types of equipment are fundamental to the crew because they increase your firepower and give you an even better chance of chain activating two henchmen. Finally, being a Sidekick means all Henchmen within 8” get to reroll their Let’s Go rolls, making the Penguin crew truly dangerous and versatile.



Big A.:

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This big guy gives out an extra Defense Counter to nearby friendly henchmen thanks to Take Cover. This is powerful because the Penguin crew tends to hire a lot of henchmen, and the more you have, the more you get out of Big A. Taunt can be strong because he can target up to three enemy models and move two of their Action Counters into Attack. This is especially helpful when you get to move Movement Counters into Attack, so they cannot reach your models! Another great use is to take away Special Counters from magicians, bosses, and control characters.


Big A. is no slouch in combat, either. Strength 4+, Attack 4, Reinforced Gloves, and Mobster allow him to put out up to 5 attacks against an outnumbered enemy! Remember to move away Defense counters with Taunt first. Finally, a decent Endurance stat and Hockey Gear help him stay alive over the course of the game.


Rocket Launcher, Explosive and Minigun Penguins:

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These little guys will be a royal pain for your opponent, bringing affordable covering fire for your crew and distracting your opponent. In addition, they only give out a Victory Point if they are removed as Casualties!



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This model will always be found in Cobblepot’s shadow, safeguarding him with the Bodyguard and Security Chief traits. At range she is able to deter enemies from approaching her boss with her Automatic Gun, and in Close Combat she can Paralyze her victims with Technique. Finally, she can remove KO’d models with Cruel!


Penguin Elite:

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This is the crew’s hand-to-hand combat specialist, carrying one of the best melee weapons in the crew: The Electric Baton. At the same time he is very difficult to defeat thanks to his formidable Defense 4 and Football Gear! Like Big A. this model has a fantastic trait that grants counters to nearby friendly Henchmen. Follow Me grants a Movement Counter, meaning your normally slow Penguin crew gets extra mobility in the early game thanks to the Penguin Elite Thug!


Penguin Thug 1:

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This model is your multipurpose utility piece. With Repairman he is able to repair the Duck, which comes in handy since it suffers damage when using Penguin Caller to make new Explosive Penguins. With Laser Sight he is able to support your models armed with ranged weapons by illuminating previously hidden models.


Penguin Thug 2:

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Finally, Penguin Thug 2 lays down deadly covering fire with his Rifle. Enhanced by Penguin Thug 1’s Laser Sight, this model is a force to be reckoned with.


When you take full advantages of this big box and all its offerings, you can build any type of crew. Whether you favour Henchman swarm or a small, elite crew of deadly Free Agents, the Penguin’s can supply whatever you need – at a price…

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A look to: Archie & Joker’s Bikers

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Archie is one of the trusted assistants of Mr J who always helps him to carry out crime scenes in Gotham. The Biker group who worked for Joker before are also deployed by Archie. The very sidekick is always ready to do whatever it takes to make Mr J happy. Although the clown suit he wears is also by not his choice, it is only to make the Joker a bit relax from his mood. Though he doesn’t like to work under Joker sometimes, he has no choice after trying a number of suicidal attempts. Whenever he tried to kill himself, someone is always there to save his ass. He always wears the clown suit with a wired look all the time on his face. He has also worked with the Harley Quinn for many times under Mr J.

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Archie also worked with Bill, Sanchez and another pro biker together who known as the Joker’s Bikers. The other three super bikers are also appointed by Archie on orders of the Joker. The team is fearsome and takes the road of Gotham with a crazy attire. They have extraordinary skills for riding superbikes which helps them in their crime scenes. They are involved in burglary activities in Gotham which was a concern for the Bat for a while. But they are chased and captivated in Arkham Asylum by the Batman. Many times Joker hired them for some criminal activities like kidnapping, robbery in Gotham. They worked for the Joker once to get a precious Blue Diamond from the ancient souvenirs.

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The occasion was the birthday of his partner Harley Quinn for which he wanted to gift her that precious jewellery. Joker knew that only Bruce can have it for him with a little twist. So, Joker kidnapped a girl named Alina to engage Batman for his bad intention. In exchange for the girl, Batman agreed to his terms and planned to buy it on the day of the auction. After that Batman tried to find Joker and interrogated the Biker team. But they are not involved in the Kidnapping and couldn’t give any info. But before anything could happen the Catwoman stole the diamond from the venue with a surprise. But the Bat chased her and saved Alina anyway.  

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Bill and Sanchez are the most wanted robbers in Gotham and often chased by The Batman for their crime scenes. They are really good at riding bikes which they use to escape from the robbery scene or Kidnapping. After some time, they are joined by Archie and another pro-biker. Due to their ability they became popular and appointed by Mr. J many often for his bad intentions.

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A look to: Bat-box Bane: Venom Overdrive

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An underground prison named Pena Duro, in Santa Prisca, a concealed prison in a small nation in the Caribbean. A small boy resides in his cell serving the life sentence of his dead father. Amidst the chaos, agents of an unknown organization came in and picked the boy up, leading him to a research facility. That boy was tortured endlessly until he reached adulthood, testing a steroid that drastically increased one’s strength. Nobody bothered to learn his name. His name is Bane. And he is the one who cracked the Bat. I mean literally In the Nolan Verse the story, Bane was member of the league of shadows, established and headed by Ras al Ghul.

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Initially intended as a dark mirror of the extremely scrupulous and skilled pulp hero Doc Savage, Bane’s childhood is spent in the hellish prison of Pena Duro on the South American island nation of Santa Prisca. He cultivates super strength over a forced experiment involving a drug Venom. Although his reliance on Venom is a huge weakness, Bane is regarded as one of Batman’s most intelligent and physically powerful foes. He is well-known for snapping Batman’s back in the “Knightfall” story arc.


Although Bane is first and foremost a villain, but he is a complex personality and has operated to tackle down drug lords. Despite the history with Batman, he had occasionally had Batman’s financial backing and direct assistance in a few occasions. Bane has been adapted various other media versions of Batman, which includes Batman: The Animated Series, its sequels and spin-offs as well .Its successor, The Batman. Pro-wrestler Jeep Swenson portrayed his role in the 1997 film Batman & the Robin. He made a comeback to the silver screen in The Dark Knight Rises in 2012, portrayed by Tom Hardy, which has been inclined from the Knight-fall Story Arc. In many editions; he is more crude and thug-like than his comic book equivalent.

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Bane without Venom

Bane’s power and physique is when in its peak, slightly greater to the likes of Batman or other superhero characters as well as villains.


Physical Strength: Even in shorn of Venom, Bane is portrayed to still be tougher than Batman, able to lift/press roughly 1,500 lbs. Without the Venom, Bane has accomplished breaking Killer Croc‘s bones and standing toe-to-toe with other superheroes as well. He has also executed feats such as cracking steel cables that were used to manacle him, and denting and bending an iron gate after beating it off of its hinges.


Speed: Even with his heavily muscled appearance, Bane is portrayed to be an unexpectedly fast runner, as he’s been portrayed to be able to sustain with the more slim member of the Secret Six nonchalantly.


Durability: Even deprived of the Venom drug, Bane has been phenomenally durable. Instances include shrugging off bullets to the shoulder and further areas, and enduring the torture of having many bricks thrown at all parts of his body.

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Bane with Venom

Bane exploits the super-steroid known as the Venom to heighten his own physical attributes to staggering levels, namely his power, endurance, durability, and speed.


Superhuman Strength: The major effect of the Venom drug is that it boosts his strength from low to staggeringly high like superhuman levels provisional on how much of venom is injected into him. At the extreme boundary of healthy amount he can inject into himself, he is able to lift almost 3-4 tons


Enhanced Speed/Reflexes: His speed and reflexes are also heightened with Venom, making him able to move, run, and react beyond the limits of the best of the human athletes.


Superhuman Endurance/ Durability: With the usage of Venom, his endurance and stamina is significantly enhanced. His durability is amplified sufficiently to shrug off most blunted force trauma, yet he is not totally bulletproof. He can endure blows from most superhuman; survive falls from heights, and possibly more.


Superhuman Healing: He also used the Venom as a sort of medicine that could heal him from most of the poisons, injuries, infections, wound, and disease.

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Kobra Cult

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They strike first. They strike hard. And they show no mercy.

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The Kobra Cult is the newest crew for the Batman Miniature Game. It features a wide range of new, finely sculpted models and interesting profiles, and they bring two brand new mechanics: The Acts of Faith and the Contracts.
Let’s start with the Leader of this faction: Kobra himself. He is not only a great fighter due to his stats such as Strength 3+ and Attack 5, but his sharp Sword and several his traits make him excellent for taking on any foe. Due to his status within the organization, he is a very central piece for the Kobra Cult’s playstyle. One of his strongest new traits is The Most Dangerous Man On Earth, which means enemy models cannot change the target of his attacks. Traits like Bodyguard will not work against Kobra! Finally, he offers nice pre-game opportunities due to Grand Strategist. However, the most important thing he brings is the ability for nearby models to spend Faith Points and perform Acts of Faith. More on that later.

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Lady Eve is Kobra’s trusty right hand. With an excellent Willpower of 7, and Attack, Defense and Strength of 4+, she brings a decent set of stats to the table. With an Enervating Sword she can put a serious dent into any foe she finds herself facing! However, equally importantly she has the Fervent Follower trait which allows her to generate one extra Faith Point during the Raise the Plan phase, affording you a bigger and more aggressive Faith pool for the round.

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The Kobra Cult has a variety of Henchmen available, such as the Nagas and the Kobra Bestowed. However, the primary manpower comes from the Lanceheads. There are three different varieties, but thanks to the Minion trait you can hire up to three of each. Even better, they have been released separately so it’s easier to stock up on them! Each of the three Minions come with a different weapon: A carbine, a knife, or a sword. Thus you have incredible variety in the way you configure your crew, and you have the option to really stock up on activations and Faith Points.

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The Lancehead Captain comes armed with an SMG and has both higher stats than his men and the Take Cover trait, making the Lanceheads fairly tough to deal with. They all wear Kobra Armor which allows them to turn 1 blood damage into 1 Stun damage in close combat every round.

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The Toughest Henchman in the Bat-Box title goes to the Kobra Hybrid. He is a Large monstrosity with great stats, Sturdy, and a powerful close combat attack that not only poisons the target but has a chance to Paralyze it!

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For reinforcements you also have the Kobra Hazard Troopers at your disposal, and they won’t disappoint. They are elite Henchmen, and both are very tough due to their Endurance 7 and Hazard Armor. As if that wasn’t enough, they both have Willpower 6 and carry some nasty weapons!  One carries a nasty SMG with an underslung grenade launcher, and the other carries a special flamethrower.

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It’s time to talk about the new mechanics. The Acts of Faith are unique to Cults, and grant a wide range of benefits. The Kobra Acts of Faith can grant Poison to your attacks or heal your models, or even summon new models into the game! To perform an Act of Faith, you simply need to spend the appropriate number of Faith Points (generated by your models) and be close to your Leader, Kobra. This particular Cult gains its Faith Points by activating models, hitting enemy models with attacks, and through the Fervent Follower Trait/equipment.
Another new thing unique to Cults is the Contracts mechanic. Cults can only hire Free Agents through these Contracts, and each can only be chosen once.
The Killer Contract gives the Free Agent +1 Willpower and +1 to hit its chosen prey, but the model can only attack that prey! Once the prey is dead, the Free Agent scores an additional 2 VPs and is removed from the game. This Contract also comes with a 20 rep discount.
The second option is the Research Contract. This grants the Free Agent 1 extra VP when holding objectives, but greatly reduces their damage output. The discount here is 15 rep.
The final option is the Bodyguard Contract. The Free Agent gets a 30 rep discount, but must stay within 8” of your Boss at all times. If your Boss is removed, so is the Free Agent.

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Finally, the Kobras have another awesome rule at their disposal: Commando Tactics. Thanks to this rule, when you activate a Kobra Cultist, you will be able to activate up to two additional models at the same time! In addition, Commando Tactics also gives a bonus to the two additional models selected. They gain +1 to hit and +1 to their Collateral dice rolls! However, be careful using this rule. In the Batman Miniature Game, controlling the flow of activations is always a powerful advantage. If you activate three models in a row, you risk giving up activation control!
By making good use of the equipment list and the Acts of Faith we are certain you will enjoy playing this flavorful, competitive Kobra Cult crew.

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A look to: Quizmasters Bat-Box

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The Riddler brings new challenges to Gotham and seeks to put the city’s brightest minds to the test. With this brand-new Bat-Box you can field a full crew that’s fun to play yet challenging, whether you’re a Batman Miniature Game rookie or a seasoned veteran.
Even before the game begins, the Riddler’s clever plans are already well underway. You will be able to switch the position of two of the enemy’s objectives, which means you can bring the pesky Batsignal down from a rooftop, for example. In addition, since he is a Mastermind he gives you an extra counter for the initiative bag, increasing your chance of going first!
The core idea behind the Riddler is to solve Riddles, as he does so automatically and always scores the maximum number of VPs. In addition, after a Riddle is solved by anyone, he’s allowed to move another Riddle on the board up to 4”! The Riddler is also good at defending enemy objectives, because if he is close enough to them he is going to make them score 1 fewer VP per objective within 4”. This can force your opponent to move out of contact with those objectives in order to go deal with him.
Together with the Riddler comes Quelle. With her you will be able to debuff your enemy with a variety of traits like Demotivate and Disarray. In addition she wields a very powerful Precise Gun which deals a respectable amount of damage and is ideal for dealing with Acrobats!
Quiz 1 is a tough guy with a dangerous pair of Custom SMGs, waiting for his prey to get close before unleashing a storm of lead, filling them with holes with Rapid Fire!
Quiz 2 and 3 focus on close combat, one of this crew’s weaknesses. Together they can cause a great deal of damage if used well, but what they sport in melee ability they lack in durability!
The new Quiz 4 and 5 focus on specific tasks the crew did not have available before. First of all, the new huge Quiz 4 is in charge of the Riddler’s safety thanks to Bodyguard and a ton of Endurance. Add to this the fact that he has Desensitized, so he will not lose effectiveness while taking the hits for the Riddler!
Offensively he is also a powerful piece. He has a ? Heavy that allows him to reroll failed rolls to hit and stands a good chance of damaging the target due to Heavy. If things get ugly and Quiz 4 finds himself swarmed by lesser enemies, he can trigger his Electric Storm to deal damage to everyone close to him. Finally, he has Self-Discipline and Obstinate, ensuring that he will always remain loyal to the Riddler and following his commands to the letter, as the counters on Quiz 4’s card cannot be reallocated.
Quiz 5 is a very different kind of model in this crew. He brings a completely new function to the team compared to what you have ever seen before: He can place objectives. Thanks to his nifty trait Drop an Enigma he will be able to run around and drop Riddle markers in base contact, so your best bet is to keep him close to the Riddler himself. He has a Backpack allowing him to carry around Loot wherever he goes without paying a MC to move with it. Finally, to help him carry out his nefarious misdeeds he has Stealth so that enemy models need to be within 8” to be able to see him.
Finally we have the inseparable Echo and Query. Echo brings defensive melee support to the crew, ideal for defending objectives. Her Martial Artist and respectable Defense (while Query is around) is nothing to sniff at when combined with her trait Sustained Defense! Query is a strong shooter, carrying around an LMG wherever she goes. This weapon can damage several enemies at once due to using the Explosive template! Don’t forget she’s a Strategist, allowing you to further tinker with the state of the board through getting an extra Strategy point!
Both are very mobile thanks to the Acrobat trait, so you’ll be able to bring them to wherever you need them quickly. Also, both have the Riddles Addict trait, making solving Riddles easier for them. This means they can hang around Quiz 5, protecting him and solving Riddles if the Riddler himself is not around. Finally, if you hire both in the same crew, Competitive increases their Willpower, Attack and Defense!
Check out all the new and interesting equipment available to the Riddler. It centers around creating or securing new Riddles and solving them, reinforcing the Riddler’s playstyle!

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A look to Batman

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“Deep down, Clark’s essentially a good person…. And deep down, I’m not”

Batman has returned to Gotham angrier than ever and with a large arsenal of new tactics and skills with which to eradicate crime from his city.

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The first thing you’ll notice about Batman (Multiverse) is his stats. He is at the absolute top end of Bat-Stats, displaying some of the highest numbers among all iterations of the character. His Movement of 3 makes him one of the faster Batmen out there, and Attack and Defense 5 makes him extremely solid both at offense and defense. His remarkable Endurance of 9 keeps him in the fight for a long time and makes him the toughest Bruce Wayne so far! As if that wasn’t enough, he also comes with Batarmor Mk1 which grants him a 5+ save, Martial Artist, and he has access to a ton of great equipment.
You won’t be surprised to see the traditional Batcape and Batclaw duo on this tandem, making him both fast and versatile. In addition, he comes with one of the best melee traits in the game: Close Combat Master, which allows him to reroll his rolls to hit in hand-to-hand combat. In addition to these classic traits he has a few new ones that we will now take a look at.
I’m Batman allows Batman to deploy anywhere on the table where his base fits. And that’s not all; He does so after every single other model has deployed, giving his owner an incredible advantage. What’s more, every model within 2” need to pass an Endurance roll or become Knocked Down! This can potentially set Batman up for a great first round of fighting! Finally, thanks to this trait Batman may choose to reroll failed damage rolls once per game.
Another new trait is Cloak of Bats. Enemy models will only be able to see him if they are in base contact or if they have traits that aid detection, such as Night Vision or Total Vision. Not even lampposts will illuminate this Batman! The other effect of this trait is that all models that go into base contact with him or vice versa will suffer the Scared effect unless they pass a Willpower roll, making it even harder to resist Batman’s attacks.
Before the game starts you need to consider what equipment you will buy for Batman. One good combo is Kevlar Cowl and Upgraded Batsuit, which both reinforce his survivability. This turns him into a real Bat-Tank! Consider selecting the Early Bird strategy to make sure you get the first activation. This allows Batman to perform an alpha strike before using his Batclaw to get to safety.
Ideal first targets for this Batman are shooters and low-Endurance support models. This helps the rest of your crew get across the board and gives them someone to Arrest. Once your enemy’s ranks have been decimated and the rest of your crew has managed to catch up, you can throw Batman at the strongest enemy models and use I’m Batman to reroll damage rolls against them. The I Am The Night strategy to help get Bruce out of danger or into a more favorable combat.

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