Crime Syndicate: An in-depth Guide

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Crime Syndicate: An in-depth Guide

A solar eclipse heralds the arrival of some of Earth-3’s most dangerous characters… The Crime Syndicate! These evil counterparts to the noble Justice League show no weakness or mercy, and will use the most brutal tactics at their disposal to conquer all before them!




This Team consists of the main characters from the group and its corresponding Team Card. You get a starter and two blisters, which make up an aggressive, hard-hitting Team with a plethora of tactical options. In addition, two of the members are Multiverse models, so they can do double duty in the Batman Miniature Game!


You need the following packs: Crime Syndicate starterOwlman andJohnny Quick.


Team of 60 levels:

· Ultraman (18 Levels)

· Superwoman (12 Levels)

· Johnny Quick (10 Levels)

· Owlman (10 Levels)

· Power Ring (10 Levels)

· Crime Syndicate Team Card (0 Levels)




Ultraman’s stat card is focused solely on attacking, ready to destroy any enemy.


With his high Power value you can use powerful but expensive melee attacks like Ultrapunch and Ultra Attack while taking care of enemies at a distance with Heat Vision and Super Breath.


The base damage of these attacks increases if the enemy is in the Blue Endurance Zone due to Cruel, and if there is any model with attacks with the Type Kryptonite anywhere on the board, Kal-Il will cause 1 more damage and sport 1 extra Power Counter. And if the enemy is 16 levels or less, he deals yet another point of damage on his attacks thanks to their Team Card!


Ultraman’s impressive damage potential serves to compensate his Special Power Mental Instability, which limits him to gaining VPs only by incapacitating enemy models unless there are no enemies within 12”. The ideal thing to do is to incapacitate whichever enemies are close by a scenario objective and you’ll get points for achieving it and for Incapacitating enemies!


Remind your opponent of the Special Power Block the Sun to let them know that as long as Ultraman is in the Grey Endurance bar, their models with Weakness to Kryptonite will be weakened!

The evil version of Lois Lane, Superwoman, also has a very strong attack profile. It’s worth highlighting her cheap Superhit attack, Lasso of Submission Strike to hinder your enemy’s movement, Master Fighter to reroll a die, and the Special Power Her Own Plans so your enemies cannot defend themselves.


The Special Power Lasso of Submission is very useful since it can pull an enemy closer to Superwoman so she can attack them, or further away from an objective they’re trying to protect.


In addition, she is very tough due to her high Endurance (19 points!), good Defenses, Regeneration/1, reroll Stamina rolls with Soldier, great recovery from KO with Rage/3, and Acrobat to better dodge throws, Sprays, Explosions, and Expansive Waves. She’s a very well-rounded fighter!

The evil son of the Wayne family, Owlman has a mixed profile focusing on movement, control, and attack.


With Mastermind and Strategist Skills you can control the flow of the game by changing an Initiative Counter from your own to one of your enemy’s, and being able to choose to pass on activation to force the enemy to act before you.


With Infiltrator, Owlman has the advantage of setting up almost anywhere on the board, and with his Teleportation Device he can get out of an ugly situation in a pinch, but not before throwingRazorangs at your enemy, attempting to hit several of them wihPierce/2 and Homing!


Johnny Quick and his lover Atomica bring their homicidal speed to the group. All of Johnny’s attacks are very interesting since they can be done from a distance, not just in base to base contact. This means most of his enemies need to spend Power to actually move into base contact to attack back!


In addition, if Johnny finishes his movement within 2” of an enemy model, they need to take a Stamina roll or receive Distract/2 from Atomica! This instantly makes it easier for Johnny to hit his target.


Johnny Quick can easily move 30” in a single turn, or up to 35” with a buff to his Defenses due to Hyperspeed. The most thematic choice with this model is to use him to rush at weakened enemies off to quench this maniac couple’s notorious bloodlust!

Power Ring is a coward with an interesting ranged attack profile, being able to do damage from a safe distance with multiple attacks and actions such as Grab & Throw, which he can do twice; Once with his Strength 2 and another with his Special Power Blunt Instrumentwith Strength 4, grabbing objects from 6” away.


The powerful Skill Energy allows him to activate the specialOverload on his attacks along with the usual additional die, and due to his bully Ring of Volthoom, you can decide to take 1 damage to add +1 DMG to your next attack.

You will always want to use the exclusive Team Card Crime Syndicate, which represents the hatred they harbor towards those who show weakness. The Cruel Skill will add 1 additional Damage to enemies that are in the blue bar, and enemies who are at least 2 Levels lower than the attacking Crime Syndicate model will suffer 1 additional Damage. The Crime Syndicate are bullies who won’t tolerate weakness!




  • This is clearly a very aggressive Team whose goa lis to do as much damage as posible and Little else. Move its members together as a block that instills fear into your enemies and focuses on eliminating one weak enemy at a time before moving on to the next one.


  • Use Ultraman and Superwoman as a brutal melee force whilePower Ring attacks at range and pull enemies closer to his friends by using his ring.


  • Use Owlman and Johnny Quick primarily to achieve scenario goals that will give you VPs and to support their partners in crime.

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