Darkseid: An in-depth Guide

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Darkseid: An in-depth Guide

The Alpha and the Omega comes to the DC Universe Miniature Game:Darkseid, the ruler of Apokolips. Darkseid alone takes up half a team (25 levels!), which is justified by his amazing abilities in all aspects – movement, endurance, attack, support/control. He, and his new Parademons, also open a door to a new faction: The armies of Apokolips are coming! Despite his high Power value (13/11/10, depending on his health) the high cost of his actions forces you to choose your plan of action carefully.



Starting with movement, the fact that Darkseid has Fly makes him a highly mobile character. Furthermore, once per game he can perform a Teleportation, even as a response to an attack outside of his activation. When he does this, he’s even able to bring a nearby ally with him!





Darkseid is going to take a lot from your enemy to take down. The only type of attack he isn’t resistant to is Supernatural ones, since he has Resistance/2 against Physical, Energy, and Mental attacks! In addition to this, he has an Energy Shield he can use to protect himself even more against Physical and Energy ranged attacks, Due to his resistances, characters like Aquaman, Cyborg, Deathstroke, and especially Ravager are the safest way to face him thanks to their various abilities to ignore or circumvent his resistances. He has a “passive” protection against being thrown due to his Size 4 and immunity to being knocked down by objects of size 2 or less (Toughness/2).


If you focus your attacks against him in a round in order to take down this “god”, it’s highly recommended to keep going until he’s almost dead, as he can recover up to 5 health points every round due to Regeneration/5! In the unlikely case that he does get KO’d, that’s the moment to press your attack since Regeneration does not work while the KO’d.





If you think Darkseid is imposing defensively, you’re not going to want to be anywhere near him when he goes on the offense… Being able to Overload an attack up to twice once per round (due to Energy) makes at least one of his attacks highly accurate, or, in the case ofGodstrike, both accurate and highly powerful. In addition to this, Overloading is even more profitable as he deals 1 more point of damage due to Power Master (once per attack) if he Overloads!

Don’t underestimate Darkseid just because he’s far away from you. With his beastly Strength of 6, he can throw characters and terrain up to 12”, even something the size of a tank!


However, his highest source of damage is his unique Special PowerOmega Beam, automatically hitting and dealing 10 damage to an unfortunate enemy unless they pass an Agility roll! But even after passing the Agility roll, the target still isn’t safe. They’re forced to perform this Agility roll every round until they fail, depending only on their Agility stat to avoid this threat!





Lastly, in addition to being a merciless fighter who only cares about his own interests, Darkseid does also contribute something to his allies. Once per game he can weaken an enemy using Soul Manipulation, or he can transfer 4 of his Power counters to a nearby ally due to Power Transference.





Darkseid is worth all 25 levels he costs, adding great mobility to the team with his Teleport action once per game. If you’re attacking him from far away, consider the threat of him suddenly teleporting towards you with one of his allies!


In terms of staying power, he is practically unassailable due to his decent number of health points, Regeneration/5, and Resistance/2 (Physical/Energy/Mental). He will force your enemy to spend an entire round focusing only on him if they want to take him down before he starts recovering damage. Ravager is Darkseid’s worst enemy, temporarily cancelling all his resistances.


On the offense, Darkseid has a fairly intimidating damage output. He could in theory deal 16 damage with relative ease: Grabbing and Throwing an enemy at his feet (5 damage), Overloading to improve his chance of success, and hitting the target twice with his Godstrike, Overloading for extra damage once and paying only the regular cost of 4. It will be quite easy for Darkseid to hit a downed character even with only two dice and his Attack stat of 6-7 (depending on his health). And all this is without considering critical hits!


As support he has the unique ability to practically disable an enemy for a round using Soul Manipulation. This move sets the target enemy up for Darkseid’s allies to finish the job. While he has the ability to transfer 4 POW to a nearby ally, it would be strange to not want all of it for himself!

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