Doctor Fate: An in-depth Guide

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Doctor Fate: An in-depth Guide

“Sometimes I think a good fight accomplishes more than all the learning in the world.“

Kent Nelson aka Doctor Fate


Doctor Fate, one of the founders of the Justice Society of America, has come to bring magic to the DC Universe Miniature Game.


Doctor Fate is an expert at controlling, manipulating and surprising your opponent, preventing them from carrying out their plans. Let’s take a look at what his 13 Levels offer:



His Speed value is quite high in some areas (4”/8”/14”), and with the Skills Fly and Phase Shift he is able to move around the board very quickly and effectively with nothing to interrupt him, since all his movement can simply be measured in a straight line.




Doctor Fate’s highest Defenses are Supernatural and Mental because of the powerful Helmet of Fate. Although his Physical Defense is low, it is compensated for by the Resistance/2 (Physical) Skill. His Endurance value is very high at 16, which is further improved by the Skill Regeneration/1. And remember, due to the Skill FlyDoctor Fate’s Defense is improved by 1 in melee versus any enemy that does not have Fly!





All Doctor Fate’s attacks are Supernatural in Nature, a Defense which tends to be low for most characters in the game, and which cannot benefit from Defensive Improvements. He is a fearsome fighter since his cost/damage ratio is excellent for this reason. 


One of the most powerful combos when facing two or more closely packed enemies is to perform a Grab and Throw on another character or piece of scenery, and throw it through the cluster of enemies. After they’ve become knocked down, use the Attack Glyph of Osiris with Overload: Pierce/3 since the knocked down targets will be easy to hit, and you don’t need to use Overload to hit!


However, be careful! Doctor Fate’s Special Power Order’s Agent prevents him from dealing damage to characters that have not yet attacked in the game. Of course, if they perform an attack, they will receive swift justice!





This is where Doctor Fate gets really interesting. He can protect himself or an ally within 6” by allowing them to force an enemy character to reroll one die in an attack. That often means the difference between a hit and a miss. If the enemy character has an ability that allows it to reroll an attack die, that ability is prevented instead.


Another interesting Special Power is Memory Erasing, which prevents an enemy character from using one of its attack for an entire Round. Force them to forget how to use their hands!


Last but certainly not least, Doctor Fate’s once-per-game Special Power Binding Fate simply turns off all the enemy’s Passive Special Powers for a Round! Suddenly, Aquaman no longer has Atlantean, a Parademon no longer has Swarm, or even better… Doomsday no longer has Revive!





Doctor Fate is a very complete and well-rounded character with a medium-to-high Level cost, which is compensated by his remarkable movement capacity for moving, attacking, and control. His abilities to nullify aspects of enemy characters is very powerful.

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