Gorilla Grodd: An in-depth Guide

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Gorilla Grodd: An in-depth Guide

From Gorilla City comes the imposing Gorilla Grodd with all his primal fury, ready to defeat his enemies both physically and mentally. Let’s take a look at how this unique mix of power and control makes this great ape a great option for your Teams:



Like a real life gorilla, Grodd moves slightly slowly, but he’s very agile. His Speed value is only 4/6, though it is balanced by the Skills Wall Crawler and Agile, allowing him to perform two move actions and stick to any kind of surface. Do you know how much fun it is to slap an enemy while hanging from the side of a building? Try it out!


One great use for this combination of abilities is to move up to an enemy, Grab & Throw them and knocking them down, then moving up to them again and pounding them into the dirt. Just like a real gorilla would!





Grodd’s Physical and Energy Defenses are mediocre, but his Mental and Supernatural Defenses are great. His high Endurance helps make him a tough enemy to overcome. In addition, focusing on Grodd first until he goes down may not be a great idea. When he recovers from KO, he comes back with more POW than you would think! Due to Rage/2, he recovers an additional 2 POW counters, which essentially negates the penalty for coming back from KO (recovering 1 POW less and the cost of 1 POW to stand up). Talk about going bananas!



Grodd’s Physical attack Megastrike allows him to deal up to 6 damage (not accounting for Critical hits!) if you perform twice, and if you score that sweet Critical hit you get the Effect Push/4 due to the Brutal Skill! Getting up close and personal with Gorilla Grodd can be dangerous business!


His other two attacks are interesting as well. They have the Mental Nature, a Defense stat which is typically lower on most models.


His truly interesting offensive ability is his Special Power Mind Control, which allows him to force one miniature to attack another model of your choice. Select the most powerful enemy model and force him to attack his allies! Of course, as the rules for Frequency are ignores, Extraordinary attacks are not considered to have been used and so may  be used again… Be careful!





Grodd’s Special Power Paralyze Mind stands out. It allows you to prevent an enemy model from moving, which is a powerful way of preventing them from scoring scenario goals or running away from you!


Mental Blast deserves to be mentioned as well, which is great for applying not just a bit of damage, but the strong Effect Stun/2. There’s nothing better than dealing damage AND reducing the damage coming back at you!


With the Skills Acrobat and ScientificGrodd is able to reroll all Agility and Willpower rolls, which puts him in an interesting place to secure scenario goals based on stat rolls.





While he’s quite an investment at 12 Levels, Gorilla Grodd is a great choice who offers strong offensive and control elements. He’s capable of forcing your opponent to change their plans by causing damage or Effects, and wages psychological warfare by forcing your enemies to attack each other. Seeing an enemy team take itself apart is priceless!

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