Lex Luthor: Comparative

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Lex Luthor: Comparative

Lex Luthor is Superman’s billionaire mastermind nemesis. In the DC Universe Miniature Game, you now have two versions available: One with a calm, threatening pose and the other wearing an awesome Warsuit, enabling him to face any superhero in the game.


After reading through this comparison, you’ll know all the advantages and disadvantages of both versions, allowing you to make the best choice when building your team.





Luthor Warsuit comes out on top when it comes to stats. Although his Power is 1 point lower, his Speed values and Fly more than make up for this, and his Attack of 7 in the grey Endurance bar and Strength of 3 allows him to throw large characters like Bane with relative ease.

His remaining attributes are quite similar: While the protection of his Warsuit gives him more Stamina, without his armor he’s better able to concentrate and so has a higher Willpower value, which is imperative for certain scenarios and Skills!

Be careful against Spray attacks and thrown objects, as his lowAgility won’t do him any favours when trying to dodge incoming attacks!



Both share the Skill Mastermind, which gives you 1 extra counter to the initiative bag and removes 1 of your opponent’s; But Lex Luthorstands out with his Great Strategist Skill, which adds an additional counter. This advantage allows you to execute your Perfect Plan by being able to choose the moment to get the most out of those sweet, sweet additional counters, or even make the enemy use one of theirs at the least opportune moment for them!

In-game, either version of Luthor needs to keep his allies close to give them a boost with the handy ability Leadership/5.

Both Luthors have the Skill Scientific, which allows you to reroll tests using your Willpower stat – a stat which is crucial for many scenario objectives!


One strong combo to use with Lex Luthor is the following:

– Activate Lex Luthor and use his Special Power Intimidation to decrease the Physical or Energy Defense of an enemy at 8”.

– End Lex Luthor’s move within 5” of an ally and use his powerful Special Power Inspire, giving the ally +2 Attack and +1 to all their defenses (NB: Inspire can be used on Lex Luthor himself!).

– At the end of his activation, as Lex is within 5″ of the ally under the effect of Inspire, use Order to activate the ally and give it 1 additional Power counter due to being within range of Leadership/5, as long as the ally has Power 8 or lower. That how you motivate your troops!

If you want to improve the combo even further, Absolute Power allows you to remove 2 Power counters from every enemy model within 8”! As you can see, this Lex Luthor in his business suit shines: Strategy and game control.





In this category, Lex Luthor Warsuit takes the cake. After all, this is the main reason for wearing an awesome suit of armor! He is specialized in ranged attacks, though he does have the Hidden BladesAttack for when he needs to get up close and personal.

With Fly he can find a strong position and repeatedly shoot his enemies with Electrical Blast to weaken them, taking away any notable impact they would have had on the game. If you are in front of a group of enemies, use Energy Blast on the enemy model with the lowest Energy Defense and hit the surrounding targets withExplosive/3!

And of course, Lex Luthor Warsuit is especially prepared to fight his hated enemy, the Man of Steel, with his Kryptonite Beam andHidden Missile Attacks which, although expensive and rare, can do considerable damage. The Nature of these attacks is Supernatural, the most powerful of all types of attacks since you can’t use Defensive Improvements and most models have low SupernaturalDefense.

Lex Luthor isn’t going into battle empty-handed, however. He brings a nice green stone, which gives him a Supernatural Attack that reduces the enemy’s Mental Defense. Enemies should be wary of getting too close!





Brilliant Mental Defense aside, both versions of Lex generally have low defenses. Lex Luthor Warsuit compensates with his 18 points ofEndurance, where you’ll see his warsuit get destroyed piece by piece as he takes damage, to the point that in the Blue Zone its thrusters that previously carried him through the air and catch heavy objects will break. To increase his durability he has the Special Power Energy Field, perfect for resisting the brutal punches of an angry Super.

Lex Luthor has low Endurance. However, he naturally never enters battle unprepared: His Special Power Energy Shield will increase hisPhysical and Energy Defenses considerably against ranged attacks. But don’t let the enemy get too close! A good tip is to try to keep a model with the Bodyguard Special Power near Lex Luthor at all times.





Lex Luthor is charismatic and affordable enough in the world of DC to include in almost any team, and is always a great choice in the game.

The choice between one or the other depends entirely on your playstyle. Lex Luthor Warsuit is focused on combat using a more aggressive and overwhelming style. Remember that his AttackKryptonite Beam can do 4 damage to a Kryptonian in one turn – and that’s without counting critical hits!

Lex Luthor’s goal is to control the flow of the game by constantly surprising and manipulating the enemy and supporting his allies. Using combos like the one we discussed earlier can make Luthor’s allies a lot stronger than they initially appear on paper.

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