Martian Manhunter: An in-depth Guide

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Martian Manhunter: An in-depth Guide

One of the most important members of the Justice League arrives to the DC Universe Miniature Game. At 15 Levels, Martian Manhunterwill be a fundamental support character for the JL thanks to his telepathic and telekinetic abilities, as well as by providing other useful aspects such as speed and durability.



Thanks to his ability to Fly and his three levels of movement values, the Martian Manhunter is one of the fastest characters in theDCUMG, since by spending 3 Power he can move up to 15”. In addition, the fact that he has the Phase Shift Skill make shim even more mobile, seeing as he can simply move straight through any scenery in his way. 





Martian Manhunter has three attacks with a very differentFrequency and Natures. The first is a melee attack with Basic Frequency. While it does not cause very much damage for its cost, against knocked down characters or characters with low Physical Defense or some other penalty to Defense, the Martian Manhunter will be able to do considerable damage by using his special Overload Effect.


The second attack is perhaps the most interesting, since it allows you to perform a Ranged Mental Attack at considerable range, which will also remove two Power counters from the target.


His third and final attack stands out for being an Expansive Wave attack, allowing the Martian Manhunter to cause an impressive amount of damage in his immediate vicinity.


Don’t forget his Strength 6 and his Special Power Telekinesis: He can focus on throwing large scenario pieces around to cause lots of damage. 


As a possible attack combo, consider using Martian Manhunter’s high Strength value to throw a large piece of scenery at a target, doing lots of damage and knocking them down. Then move into base contact to use his melee attack with the extra damage from the special Overload effect. 





Martian Manhunter stands out in defense. He has one of the highest Physical Defenses in the game which can even be further improved thanks to Density Shift and Fly.


To top this off, he has Resistance/2 (Physical)! If a Physical attack does go through, the damage will be significantly reduced. The Psionic Shield Special Power can, once per game, increase his resistance and that of nearby characters, friend or foe. In a decisive turn, this can turn the tide in your favor.


As though this was not enough, J’onn can even become Invisible once per game, avoiding the most dangerous attacks – particularly Fire type attacks since he is very vulnerable to them.







As said in the beginning, Martian Manhunter is very much a support and control type character, particularly because he has one of the most powerful control Special Powers in the game: Paralyze Mind. It allows you to immobilize an enemy character if they fail a Willpower roll!

Furthermore, the attack Psionic Blast has an element of control due to causing Stun/2, which is particularly interesting against other support/control type characters, or characters with the Bodyguard Special Power.





Martian Manhunter is ideal for going for scenario objectives due to his speed and his outstanding ability to take punishment, or even turning invisible if things get ugly. On the other hand, his control skills are fundamental to the team. His power to immobilize an enemy character can make all the difference in close combat, being able to just leave close combat with the most dangerous enemy with no fear of being followed.

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