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To process an order with this service, you must check the products you want in your basket. For the location of products, use drop-down menus or search engines. At any time, you can check the status of your order, by clicking on the icon to see your order in the main keypad. Once you have finished your order, click order process on this same screen. After the display of notices, we recommend you read it carefully. You will be prompted to register as a user if you have not previously done so. Once on the screen shows of your order (shipping data), you can verify both your personal information and shipping address (you can select an different one to your usual shipping address), and the status of your order. Select the desired shipping method and click continue. Depending on the method of shipping and the items selected, the program will allow you to continue with the processing of your order (with the automatic calculation of shipping costs) or otherwise your order will be sent directly to our offices, where it will be calculated the shipping and added to your bill.

If you want to continue your order, you can pay by Paypal, the program will automatically direct you to the Paypal secure server, through a screen “calculation of amounts”, where the system will do an automatic calculation of shipping and will give you full information about the cost of your order. If everything is correct, click on “send order” and this will be received at our offices. Once on the screen your order is numbered, and your payment is formalized by clicking on “Paypal”. Once inside the payment of Paypal Gateway, you will be guided step by step, finally informing you if the payment transaction has been completed successfully. If so, the order will be sent as soon as possible. If on the other hand, there is a problem with payment, our Office will contact you to fix it.

– If THREE STONES Productos & Diseños S.L. identifies a significant error in the price of the products, we will inform you, the customer, and you will have the option of reconfirming your order at the correct price or, failing that, cancel it. If it is not possible to contact the customer, the order will be considered cancelled, in which case amounts paid will be fully reimbursed


All our orders whose destination is a country within the EU, will have their VAT included in the calculation that our website makes your purchase. For countries outside the EU, our order do not included taxes and tariffs, which you will be billed to the customer by the Customs of each country.

From 9th January ofe 2016 we must inform our customers about the new Online platform RLL to resolve Online Disputes.

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Our products comply with the safety, hygiene and quality EU regulations.

All our products are manufactured in the EU complying with all employment, health and safety regulations at work in the EU. 

Its use is forbidden to children under 3 and not recommended for children under 14 without adult supervision.

Our products are not a toy and are not recommended for use as such.

White metal models are made with a pewter alloy based in tin and can contain traces of other materials.

Resin models are made with polyurethane resins and can contain traces of other materials.

Game markers are manufactured with methacrylate, wood and paper, and can contain traces of other materials.

Scenery is manufactured with paper, plastic, methacrylate, white metal, resin and wood and can also contain traces of other materials.

Bases are made in high impact plastic and can contain traces of other materials.

Our products must not be ingested or be in contact with the mouth.

After handling the parts it is recommended to wash your hands with soap and water.

They contain small and sharp parts that can be dangerous.

Keep away from flames and heat sources.

Handling may require they use of chemical adhesives, abrasive sand paper, paints and sharp and cutting tools which can harmful and dangerous if used improperly; for the use of the above mentioned tools the use of protective glasses, cutting gloves and protective mask are recommended.

Keep away from children.

Do not use or handle our products without adult supervision and always under their responsibility.

If assembly instructions are included, please correctly follow the steps indicated for correct assembly.

Despite our rigorous quality controls, miniatures may include slight defects such as mold lines or some voids when joining the pieces,

Proper use of our products is collecting and simulation of characters in the context of game manuals. They may need assembly and paint, requiring handling by you for this end and are not recommended for other uses than those above described.

Game manuals, articles and other written material by Knight Models can contain material not recommended for children under the age of 14 and its reading is recommended to be supervised by an adult.

Knight Models’ licensed products are manufactured and commercialized with the supervision of the intellectual owners of such properties. Manufacture of licensed products made by Knight Models is exclusive to these and may not be made by third parties without the consent of the copyright owners and the express consent of Knight Models.

This prohibition includes products specifically made to be compatible with those marketed by Knight Models, advertised for that purpose and including those using Knight Models material for advertising without its consent. Such an act would infringe on intellectual property rights and unfair competition rights protected by the laws of the EU, reserving both Knight Models and the owners of the intellectual property infringed the right to take legal action against such third parties.

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