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Before taking your first steps into the Wizarding World, there are some essentials that you’ll need:

The Rules

The game rules and scenarios are available in a handy-sized format in our Core Box. The game rules pit small groups of wizards, witches and fantastic beasts against each other – you could play with just two or three models per side, or play with larger collections if you wanted! Best of all, the rules are easy to learn, and rewarding to master, allowing for endless variety of challenging gameplay.

The Miniatures

The most important part of the game is, of course, the miniatures. Each miniature is exquisitely detailed in the likeness of your favourite Harry Potter movie characters,  and cast in high-quality resin. Miniatures require some assembly before use, and can be painted however you like.

The game rules afford players great freedom in assembling their groups of wizards, witches and fantastic beasts.

Even if two players are using models from the same faction, the odds are that the two collections will look very different, and include certain models that reflect the player’s personality and preferred style of play. For example, one Hogwarts group might be made up of Mad Eye Moody, Cedric Diggory and Luna Lovegood, while another Hogwarts group might be themed around House Gryffindor, comprising Harry, Hermione, Ron and Neville. Visit our website regularly to view our ever-expanding range of miniatures.

The Cards

The Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game makes use of a variety of cards. The larger ones are Character Cards, which contain the model’s special rules and abilities. The smaller ones represent Spells, Potions and Artefacts. As your collection grows, so too will the number of cards at your disposal – when you choose your ‘group’ (the models you’ll be using for the game), you’ll be able to add these cards to the different miniatures as ‘upgrades’.

Dice, Markers and Counters

The Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game Core Box contains all the game accessories you need to start playing.


The Core Box contains three lavishly illustrated, double-sided gameboards, representing the
Hogwarts Courtyard and the Forbidden Forest. These can be arranged in a variety of configurations, and have been designed to be mixed and matched. Future expansions will provide even more beautiful locations to play over, such as the Ministry of Magic and the Chamber of Secrets.


Once you have the basics and have assembled your first few models, you’re all set to play!
Grab a friend, lay out your game-boards, and prepare to enter a magical world of adventure…

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Here, we look at the ubiquitous Move action, and the various ways of affecting movement around the gameboard.


The Move Action

Miniatures most often move around by using the aptly named ‘Move’ action.
Miniatures can move in any direction (they don’t have to move in a straight line) up to three spaces, and they don’t have to use up all of their movement if you don’t want them to.

Difficult and Impassable Terrain

The gameboard is often enhanced with scenic overlays, which can affects the distance you can move. For example, when crossing Difficult Terrain spaces, such as a stream or dense forest,  every space traversed counts as two spaces of movement. Some terrain, such as pits of lava or tall rocky pillars, are ‘Impassable’ – you cannot move through these spaces or land upon them, so you have to go around.

Magical Movement

There are various ways in which a model can enhance their movement using spells and magical devices. Models with the ‘Fly’ trait, for example, (because they ride a Broom or have wings) ignore the negative effects of terrain, simply moving over the offending obstacles. The most stylish way to travel, however, is by teleportation – this can be achieved through the use of a very rare artefact, such as a Portkey, or by casting the Apparition spell. Apparition allows a wizard to move anywhere within 8 spaces of their original location, completely ignoring intervening terrain and models as they do so. Despite the nauseating after-effects of Apparition, some wizards consider it the only way to travel…

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