Knight Models

Knight Models

Knight Models, born in 2008, is a Spanish company conceived to manufacture and commercialize board games and different scale models to assemble, paint and collect from the most popular movies, comics and videogames licenses, such as; Star Wars, Marvel, Batman, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. The quality and variety of our products offer a complete experience with an exceptional look and feel never seen before in the board game and miniatures market.

Out of this passion and years of experience comes a new type of board game aimed at taking the miniature gaming experience to the next level for everyone. Games like Batman Miniature Game and Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game attract a new generation of gamers to the miniatures gaming experience.

Our priority is quality in game design, product manufacturing and customer satisfaction and experience. Our games provide a novel and unique gaming experience based on narrative and background, respecting the original material of each of the licenses we work with.

knight models

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